October 10, 2016

Who You’ll Help


You may be surprised at the actual poverty level in the Scranton area and who those poor people really are.

One in six Scranton area residents are living below the poverty level with the current unemployment rate at 6.2%. These are people who have lost their jobs, had a bad run of luck, or were never afforded the same opportunities some of us have. This 6.2% still have families to take care of which results in nearly a third of the poor in our area are children, according to the American Community Survey, a branch of the U.S. Census.


In Lackawanna County, for example, most of those those living below the poverty level are children. In Luzerne and Monroe counties, the picture is no less bleak.

Many of these children have never known what it’s like to sit down for a Thanksgiving ​dinner with their families, a tradition most of us take for granted. Instead, they will go, as they do most days, hungry and malnourished.

Please Donate today to help these children and families have the same Thanksgiving meal and opportunity that most of us are afforded.